Why Choose Zilchin?

Choosing to move towards Zero Waste makes sense because…


1. Supports Local Economies

Not only does Zero Waste lower our dependence on raw materials (which saves manufacturers money); recycling and composting can provide six times as many jobs as trash. Recycling supports more than 60 thousand jobs in our state, paying almost $3.4 billion in wages and adds nearly $15.7 billion to Minnesota’s economy.

2. Makes Marketing Sense

People are 66% more likely to support sustainable businesses (73% for millennials) according to a Nielsen global study. Millennials are demanding socially and environmentally responsible businesses and marketing according to Forbes with Millennials and Gen-Z populations changing the market by prioritizing sustainability. More than nine out of ten millennials would switch brands in favor of the more socially responsible one according to the Berkley Haas School of Business.

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3. Complies with Our State laws and Goals

Minnesota has a goal to recycle 75% of waste by 2030, and most businesses are required to recycle at least 3 items, such as paper, glass, and organics.

4. Keeps Our State Beautiful

As a state, Minnesota offers us incredible wild country, beautiful lakes (along with the famous Lake Superior), the stunning Boundary Waters, and dynamic fishing and hunting. There are twenty two million pounds of plastic in the Great Lakes alone, and when testing beers made with water from the Great Lakes, researchers found that all of them contained microplastics. It is up to us to be good environmental stewards and care for this land by reducing our waste and carbon footprint and walk the path of a sustainable community.

5. Saves Money

The state of Minnesota sets 17% tax rate on trash, with counties often including additional taxes such as Ramsey County (+53%) which means trash can be taxed up to 70% in the Twin Cities alone.