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Zilchin Consulting


Upcoming Events


Zero Waste Community Meal
March 13th

Are you searching for a local network of fellow zero wasters? Join Tare Market for a casual meal to meet other locals who are on this journey, as well as learn about the local zero waste community!

Tare Market x Zilchin Consulting
June 13th

Support Tare Market’s opening and win a spot in our Psychology of Sustainability workshop!

Stay tuned as we add more events and workshops!



Zilchin Consulting offers workshops and trainings at community hotspots such as Mississippi Market Co-op and Tare Market.


Vegan & Sustainable

Here at Zilchin we promote plant-forward lifestyles suited to your needs and wants because the first and best way we can fight climate change starts on our plates!


Equitable Sustainability

We at Zilchin know the importance of the social aspect of environmental justice, which is why we care about promoting sustainability that includes everyone - not just those of us most privileged to participate.