Everything that we do is grounded in intention. Each conversation, working relationship, and daily task is filled with purpose.



Human connection is a priority in all of our work. We believe that authentic connections are the key to fostering healthy communities and relationships.



Less is more. Through our work we aim to help people be more intentional through simplifying their lives and operations.



It’s easy for those of us who fall within privileged categories to forget that unless something is accessible for all, it is the antithesis of sustainability. We work to acknowledge privilege, its impact on environmentalism, and make Zero Waste accessible for marginalized communities.



You cannot take care of others if you do not take care of yourself first. We prioritize wellness over productivity because we understand that definitions of productivity are reflective of capitalist economies that pursue consumption above all else.



Zero Waste and Sustainable Wellness are movements of compassion. Compassion for our planet, compassion for those on it, and compassion for ourselves.