Services for Organizations


Our Process

We work with universities, cafes, restaurants, stores and more to build sustainable and economical systems and business practices. We know how overwhelming change can feel, and we are here to help each organization reach their Zero Waste goals while staying within a reasonable budget. We maintain that the only way to truly be sustainable, is to make sustainability work for everyone!



Questions we ask during this step:

  • What is your intention (Personal, Group, Departmental)?

  • What is your mission (in this undertaking, as an organization)?

  • Why are you doing what you’re doing, personally and as collective?

  • What are the group’s values?

  • What does the most authentic you look like? What does your most authentic organization look like?

  • What stands in the way of the group realizing it’s best self?

The most important part of any relationship is connecting. During our initial conversation with you, we want to know what makes your group tick. We’ll ask you questions about the work that you are doing and why. We’ll talk about what your collective goals are. We’ll get to know each other better. We can even help you explore a grant writing process if desired and applicable. What this looks like and what questions we ask will be different each time. After all, this is all about you and your group moving more mindfully through yourworld–not anyone else’s.

Grounding & Intention Setting


In order for us to create a plan to move forwards, we need to know where we’re starting. Our staff will collect information about your organizations day-to-day activities in the form of interviews and observation. We will also perform a waste sort in order to ensure we can pinpoint the most sustainable and economically  waste disposal solutions to meet the needs of your organization. In order to gain a holistic understanding of your operations, we encourage every level of your organization will be involved in this process.

Based on our initial conversation and the data we collect in our observation stage, we will create an action plan for your organization moving forwards. Once we develop a plan, we will present it to the group for feedback & have any additional conversations that arise. Once both parties agree that the identified solutions align with our core values and support your mission, we will move forwards.



Once a plan has been decided upon, it is up to all of us to see it through. We will assist in system implementation, training & education, troubleshooting, and sustainable behavior change.

Zero Waste and Sustainable Wellness are both practices that change from organization to organization and from day to day. As your needs shift, we will be there to help you adapt.